Tenant’s Choice Week in Review

09 Feb Tenant’s Choice Week in Review

We finished January with a textbook renter transition with one tenant moving out on the 30th and the other moving in on the 31st. We were excited to hear that our old tenant, after 3 years of renting, is stepping back into home ownership. Our new tenant’s love the property and the move cuts down on their work commute by 30 minutes each way. All-and-all a great transition and we are excited to be even a small part of the process.


We also partnered with a new owner on Tuesday who owns a beautiful house that just needs a little clean up before it will be ready for new tenants to move in. Stay tuned for more details if you know anyone looking to rent.


A highlight this week was attending the Investor Real-Estate Resource of Colorado (IRROC) monthly meeting. We had the opportunity to chat with several investors, validating what an amazing market we are in and all the opportunities we all have in the Denver Metro real-estate market. And, Brad Podhajsky, the main speaker at the event, gave some excellent insight into the power and effectiveness of Master Leasing.


We looking forward to another exciting week filled with new challenges and opportunities. Next week look for some great pictures of our new rehab that is wrapping up. As always, thanks to my wonderful tenants and owners that make this amazing job possible.   I do have to say we are blessed to have some of the best owners and tenants around.

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